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Top Secret!  Special National Coverage Abstra(kt) Studio + The Dresscode Project



Background:  Abstra(kt) Studio is being recognized in partnership with The Dresscode Project in our work to break down barriers in the beauty industry, specifically for our gender neutral pricing. We will be featured on a national morning show (trust us, you know who they are) and want the Dallas + North Texas LGBTQ+ community represented!  We love The Dresscode Project and everything they do to support the LGBTQ+ and it is an honor for us to host an event that spotlights the work they are doing.


Why: At Abstra(kt) we celebrate our differences and embrace each team member’s and client’s individuality. Every thread in our fabric is unique and beautiful and we try to do our part to make every person that walks through our doors feel safe, respected, special and beautiful. When it comes right down to it, every person is created equally, and our pricing recognizes that. 


Gender Free Haircut Club:  In conjunction with The Dresscode Project, we’re hosting a Gender Free Haircut Club event for select members of the LGBTQ+ community. Free haircuts will be provided, as only Abstra(kt)’s talented team of stylists can deliver. We turn out the best heads of hair in north Texas, plus we’re a diverse fun group of people who will welcome you into our chairs like only we can.


Who’s Eligible:  Must be 24 or younger and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. And, if you are ready to represent, we’re ready to host you!


When:  Date TBD (in the next 2 months).  You know these national news shows and their scheduling process… as soon as we know, you’ll know!


Safety First:  In these crazy COVID days, we take safety seriously.  It’s important to our team, our clients and our community. All team members and visitors to our salon are required to follow safety protocols, including wearing masks while on our premises. But, here’s how we look at it – it’s just one more way for us to express our individuality!  Snazzy masks will be provided for all of our guests. 

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