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 Ansley King | The Straight Shooter

She/Her | Tier 3 | Sagittarius


Have you ever had your hair done and thought, “Why didn’t my stylist tell me this was a bad idea?”  You’ll never get up from Ansley’s chair with that issue!  Ansley knows how much those inspiration pictures mean.  We Pinterest and screenshot for weeks or months thinking about this new ‘do.  But this is where her honesty and expertise will be your new best friend. She takes into account the shape of your face, the texture of your hair, and most important your lifestyle!  In her terrific Ansley way, she’ll find the best way to get you your dream hair that you can live in.


Now for her technical skills.  Ansley has that great Aveda training that we love, and she’s been a stylist on the Frisco scene for a few years now, so she knows just what the north Texas clientele likes. To our blondes, we say, “Have no fear, you are in good hands.”  But her real rock star skills are in cutting–especially when it comes to those gamine-inspired pixie cuts. There’s no greater magnifying glass for a stylist’s skills than a short haircut, and we love the confidence she has when the scissors come out. 


So, if you are unsure of the direction to take with YOUR hair (not that model on Pinterest that has been worked on for 3 hours) or you need color and a great cut (because that’s your quickest path to a manageable style that you can love AND live with) meet Ansley. Your hair just met its match.

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