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Color Service Guide

Scheduling a color service at a new salon can be confusing;  we totally get it and we are here for you!  We always recommend new clients come in for a complimentary consultation if you are unsure about what service to schedule.  To gain clarity on our color service menu, see below for examples of our stylists work and our services.  Please note:  individual results will vary based on each clients current hair state.  These photos do not guarantee exact results.

Single Process Global Color

This service includes permanent and/or cream demi color applied root to ends to achieve an overall solid color.  Highlights are not included.  The single process global color is generally used to achieve more depth and richness.  It's also great for all over grey coverage.  Our "Single Process New Growth" is the grey coverage service for the root area only.

foil highlight.jpg

Foil Highlight

An Abstrakt Highlight is performed with 1/2 inch sections to provide thorough coverage and lift. It includes babylights around the face followed by a gloss.  This service can be performed as a Partial (the top of the head and around the face) or a Full (entire head).  This service will not achieve a major transformation;  instead it is intended for maintenance once the desired result is achieved.

Open-Air Painting/Balayage

 This service is for guests with light brown hair or lighter. For medium brown hair or darker, a Foiliyage service is a better option. . Balayage results are always warm, sun- kissed and golden.  It includes babyligths around the face (if desired) and a gloss.  This service can be performed as a Partial (the top of the head and around the face) or a Full (Entire head).



For clients who want balayage results with less sessions and with maximum lift and blending, we recommend foiliyage.  This technique is also ideal for guests who have medium brown hair or darker and want to achieve a balayage look.  Foiliyage is a full head service and is performed utilizing 1" sections.  It includes babylights around the face and a gloss.  High contrast of depth and light is the goal during a foiliyage service.


Babylights are the most natural form of highlighting, micro-foiling by using 1/8 inch sections.  This service can also be used to achieve a bigger transformation and more dramatic blonding than a Foil Highlight service.  It includes a gloss.



Sombre is a softer version of ombre. This service includes a Full Head Highlight utilizing 1/2 inch sections, babylights around the face,, teasy lights or balayage to tip out through the ends followed by a root tap/smudge and gloss.  The Sombre will leave depth at the root with maximum brightness through the mid-lengths and ends.  An "Abstrakt Blonde" service can also be scheduled, which includes a Sombre, Cut and Olaplex treatment.

Abstrakt Depth

Abstrakt Depth is our custom foil technique using conditioning color to add depth, dimension and pop.  It adds depth to blonde hair or vibrancy and dimension to brunettes and redheads. This is a low-lighting technique throughout the entire head utilizing 1 inch sections and babylight highlights around the face.  The goal of the Abstrakt Depth service is to create high contrast in lightened hair.


Blank Canvas

The Blank Canvas is full lightening from scalp to ends with no foils, includes a gloss/toner.  It is ideal for those prepping for vivid hair color.  A "Platinum Blonde New Growth" can also be scheduled if maintenance is required in the root area is needed.  Please note:  A "Platinum Blonde New Growth" can only be performed within 6 weeks of the last lightening service to prevent banding.

Vivid Color

Vivid Color is custom color placement using Pulp Riot conditioning hair color. This service does not include a blank canvas or lightening service, which may be required.  If pre-lightening is required, the "Abstrakt Vivid Makeover" service should be scheduled.


Root Shadow/Root Tap

A Root Shadow/Root Tap service creates a softer grow-out with less maintenance for dimensional service guests. Semi permanent color is applied to the root after or in between a highlight service.

Color Melt

A color melt is two or more colors blended to create a seamless, melted look.  Semi permanent color is applied roots to ends after or in between a highlight service. 

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