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One of the things that sets Abstra(kt) apart is the support we offer our team members as they grow their careers. Our "Phresh Talent" program offers graduates from top cosmetology programs the opportunity to work and continue training with Abstra(kt)’s reknowned senior stylists. Phresh Talent stylists are already state licensed hair stylists, and are available to take clients after achieving Abstra(kt) levels of expertise as demonstrated through a rigorous Abstra(kt) specific testing process. The Phresh Talent team provides clients with the confidence that their stylist meets Abstra(kt) standards and are offered at heavily discounted rates.  These artists are also performing shampoos, blowouts, glosses, etc. for senior stylists on all of our guests, so our clients can get to know them.  Schedule with one of our "Phresh Talent" team members today!

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