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Ari Ashe

She/Her | Tier 1 Color/Tier 2 Cuts | Aries


Mindful isn’t a word we use often, but it is a great way to describe Ari. She’s a little bit edgy, a little bit punk, a whole lot of creative, and she knows who she is– she marches to the beat of her own drum and is a self-described nerd, albeit a cool one. If you ask her what she’s interested in, she can give you the list (music, photography, with a little D&D thrown in for good measure), and what those things add to her life. If you want to know why she loves being in the hair industry, she can tell you exactly why (her creativity has an outlet every day). 


When you ask a stylist about what they want to be known for, it’s very telling how they answer. For Ari, her answer speaks volumes about her. She loves to create lived in styles and gets jazzed when she gets to create magic with a razor cut.  She loves that every person is different and so should every haircut be. No cookie cutter hair dos in her chair–it’s all about the expression with this one.


One thing (there are so many to choose from) that Ari is really passionate about is helping cancer patients through their hair journey as they go through treatment. She knows how personal these decisions are for cancer patients and she wants to help in a meaningful way. 

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