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Brian Lewis | The Triple Threat

He/Him | Tier 4 | Aries


From his days working as a make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics to marrying the love of his life and having a family of three little women, Brian knows for certain beauty is so much more than what we see. He loves reminding his clients they were beautiful before they walked through our studio doors – and if that doesn’t generate a mile-wide smile, this karaoke crooner might just break into a Neil Diamond song for you. 


Our Long Beach transplant attended hair school at Fullerton College and spent a decade sharpening his scissors and expertise at Sassoon, Aveda, L'Oréal, and Bumble and Bumble. After 10+ years behind the chair, Brian's unwavering priority is the health of his clients’ hair and he will not compromise structure for color. When Brian and his family pulled their California roots and headed for Texas, Brian was particular choosing a studio for this new chapter in his life. Turns out, it was the love-of-his-life wife who recommended Abstra(kt), and the rest is history! 

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