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Camille Tinsman | The Jack Of All Trades

She/Her | Tier 1 | Aries

We love when twists and turns and winding roads in life lead someone to our doorstep. From California to Florida and several stops in between, Camille will settle for nothing less than happiness in this life, even if it meant radical career changes until she found her tribe. Note the past tense, because she has arrived.


Camille can relate to many people in her chair. A Texas transplant. She was a teacher, and did a stint in corporate America before enrolling at the Aveda Institute in Brandon, FL. Y’all know how much we love an Aveda grad!


What you will find in Camille besides her easygoing, bubbly personality is a perfectionist whose biggest satisfaction comes from the end result. Whether it’s the satisfaction she gets in the finishing blowout, or the satisfaction in your eyes when you book your next appointment it’s the fuel to her creative fire.  


Welcome to Texas Camille, we’re glad you’re calling Abstra(kt) Studio “home”. 


Camille headshot.JPG
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