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Countour Med Spa

Doctor Gina and Nurse Brian are in the Abstra(kt) house!


One thing we know about our North Texas clients is that they are serious about achieving their best appearance. That’s why we love having Contour Med Spa and all of the services they offer offering another trusted resource at the convenient Abstra(kt) Legacy location. With years of medical experience between them, the med spa services they offer are the complete package that go beyond the great head of hair you have come to expect at Abstra(kt).


Dr. Gina and Brian are like-minded with the Abstra(kt) team when it comes to letting their work speak for itself. They pride themselves on delivering natural, consistent results that speak volumes (pun intended) that make referring family and friends easy. 




Relationships and Results.


These are important parts of the beauty equation, now all under one Abstra(kt) roof. To book your consultation or appointment with Contour Med Spa visit their website or call (469) 492-3666. 

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