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Taylor Rae | The Influencer

She/Her | Leo



Taylor loves her Chi-town roots–after all, her dog’s name is Wrigley– but when life uprooted her and moved her to Big D, she knew she had found her home. She delivers that Dallas signature style as if she was born here. Long, loose tresses.  Sun-kissed, lived in locks. She’s got the touch. If you don’t believe us, check out her IG She’s proud of the work she does, and she has reason to be. We’re big believers that a stylist with confidence and that Taylor-style pride, shouts it from the rooftops (or shows up in your IG feed on the daily). Trust us on this one, that’s exactly what you want in a stylist whether you are coming in for a maintenance touch up or going big with a brand-new look. You can count on that pride showing up in every head of hair she touches. 

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