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Michael Mereiles | The Architect

He/Him | Taurus

This Abstraktor is all about the structure—the lines, the angles, the shapes, the degrees, the construction. When there’s a latest trend you are going for, or you’re looking for the best look for the angles of your face, you can bet that Michael has broken down every cut or highlight before the instruments come out.  He’s a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to delivering the results you are going for.  But, while his technical skills are at work, he balances with the lovely artistry that turns out stunning heads of hair. He lives for the “Yes!” response from clients when they get up from his chair, and he prides himself on meeting each right where they are, every time.  Are you a mom on the go, in between shuttle pickups? Or are you one of Abstra(kt)s career gals who has to wedge her appointment in between a tough travel schedule? Maybe you are just one of our favorites….the client who considers her hair appointment every six weeks as her luxury “down” time.  No matter how you roll, Michael will bring his master (and, do we mean master) skills to your Abstra(kt) experience.


As one of our master stylists, you can count on Michael’s level of expertise continuing to grow. He’s one of our best examples of education at work. Whether he’s teaching or attending, it’s an integral part of who he is, and you will benefit from that with every visit.  


He’s just plain awesome, and we’re honored to have him as part of the Abstra(kt) team.


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