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Deanna Kuebler | The Uptown Girl


With a couple suitcases and a prayer, Deanna left New York City a few years ago and headed to the Big D! Those long chilly winters and the promise for a change of pace pushed her to take the leap; and from day one, Texas has been good to her!


As a kid, Deanna always gravitated toward doing hair. She would experiment with hair colors and trending styles on her friends. She soon realized their happiness from a little change in appearance was one of her favorite feelings. At 19, she went to beauty school. By 21, she was in the Big Apple pursuing her dream and having an adventure while doing it! Along the way, NYC taught this uptown girl a few invaluable life lessons: (1) Never judge a book by its cover. (2) Honesty is the best policy. (3) Always do your best because in the city that never sleeps, you are replaceable!


Thanks to this hustle, Deanna learned never get too comfortable – otherwise, the learning and growing stop. Wanting an environment that would continue challenging her professionally, Deanna seized the opportunity to join the Abstra(kt) Studio team. Between our culture of continuing education and passionate stylists, Deanna knew instantly she’d flourish here!


Whether you’re indulging in her scalp massage or learning how to maximize the one accessory you wear every day – (your hair!), Deanna is committed to ensuring you have a relaxing experience. She relishes creating customized looks that reflect every clients’ personality and lifestyle. And she does it with such confidence, you will walk out of the salon with a smile. Guaranteed!

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