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Denise Words | The Curl Whisperer

She/Her | Tier 2 | Scorpio

When first joining our team as a Phresh Talent member or assistant, the path to your own chair at Abstra(kt) isn’t a given. It takes a special kind of someone, willing to put in the work, to take the coaching, assistance and mentorship from those around you (that would be the rock star Abstraktors) and committing to ongoing learning. When someone succeeds at going from an assistant at Abstra(kt) to their own chair, it carries a lot of weight.


Denise graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Dallas, and worked under fan favorite Michael Meireles honing her skills, and finding what she loves behind the chair. It’s not just the act of putting her skills to good use that keeps her coming back for more. She focuses on the uniqueness of each client, and their reaction when that cape comes off and they head out the door. Customer satisfaction is the name of her game.


Big transformations are her jam, and if her nickname caught your eye, know that curls don’t scare her.  This one loves a challenge and she loves getting it right.


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