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Erin Skonetski | The Bohemian Rhapsody


A rhapsody is defined as “free-flowing in structure, featuring a range of highly contrasted moods, color and tonality with an air of spontaneous inspiration”. Meet Erin, the boho Abstra(kt) team member who personifies the meaning of rhapsody. But don’t let that peace, love and happiness persona fool you. You know we love an Aveda trained stylist, because that mean’s they’ve run the gauntlet, been put through their paces, and have gone balls to the walls—all on the first day of training. This background plus her many years of experience, set Erin apart. With 10+ years in Frisco, she understands the north Dallas client and she loves rising to the occasion to surpass expectations.

Like so many Dallas peeps, Erin is a transplant. Born in Austin and raised near Chicago, she’s got that awesome Midwest “never met a stranger” personality. And with that comes a work ethic that we love, because she will not rest until she’s perfected each and every client. There are no shortcuts once you sit in her chair.

Erin loves working with botanical-based products, and to list her specialties takes more space than we have here.  In a nutshell, our little hippy-at-heart rocks a MEAN (note the all capital letters here—this means we’re serious) bob or lob, and is an expert in the art of transforming a look through extensions. While that might seem like a contradiction, you have no idea the magic that happens in between. 

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