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Aubrey Atwood | The Birthright

She/Her | Tier 3 | Aries


Meet Aubrey our stylist who hails from Snowflake, Arizona (yep, that’s a place). After graduating from Paul Mitchell The School – Dallas, Aubrey set out to find the salon that could support her career growth and desire to learn more.  As a second-generation stylist, she learned that the key to being successful and staying passionate about this industry is continuing education and pushing outside of her comfort zone. With this perspective early on in her career the sky is the limit.


Aubrey’s specialty is in transformations that build confidence. She got this from her momma who instilled in her the importance of having hair that makes you feel great about yourself—whether you are on a career track, in the car-pool lane or just because you want to hit Wednesday out of the park.  If you are looking for a stylist that can take you out of your ho hum hair routine or take care of needed corrections (self-inflicted or paid for elsewhere) she’ll give you results that you can and want to maintain.  Whether you put yourself in the low or high maintenance hair care categories, you’ll find a willing partner in Aubrey. Results driven. Hard worker. Rapt listener. Avid learner.  What more could you want behind the chair?



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