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Jenna Neeley | The Virtuosso

She/Her | Phresh Talent

We love it when our team member’s pre-hair life, flows through to their work in the hair industry. Meet Jenna, our virtuoso. No really, she is. Jenna is a classically trained violist who traveled with a symphony in China, and she’s also a virtuoso behind the chair (which works out really well for our north Texas clientele). 


As you would expect with Jenna’s background, she’s taken her training very seriously–she’s racked up twice the required educational hours in her training. She knows that artistry doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work, commitment, education and practice, practice, practice. Why is this important? When you step out of Jenna’s chair, you’ll notice the precision and resulting quality that only comes from someone who takes their craft really seriously, and is continually taking advantage of every opportunity to learn more. She’s our ideal Abstraktor, taking advantage of our continuous learning environment.


When it comes to you lovelies walking in the doors of Abstra(kt) she loves the expectations you bring– the best results, each and every time. Those beautifully high standards ensure that Jenna brings her A-game each and every day.


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