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Katelyn Saueressig | The Ray Of Sunshine

She/Her | Tier 2 | Libra


You know how you can come across people and feel l like just being around them is a shot of Vitamin D? Meet Katelyn our new up-and-comer.  Endlessly optimistic, she has pep in her step from the moment her feet hit the floor.  But, don’t be fooled by that sunny disposition, she was a bartender for several years, and that breeds a people savvy second only to hair stylists.


We take fostering young talent pretty seriously at Abstra(kt) Studio. As part of the program Katelyn became a certified Abstraktor by attending our core classes and assisting our team for one year. Our clients come to us because our Abstra(kt) team is the best in North Texas. When Katelyn graduated from the program and stepped behind the chair full time, she took a little bit of awesome from each Abstraktor with her. She’s developed color expertise (blondes or blonde wanna-be’s, you’re welcome) that takes your look from good to great.


Katelyn went to school at Paul Mitchell Dallas.  She became poised for success at Abstrakt. She couldn’t do either without hard work, a love of working with clients, and the passion to reach the top of her game.  You’re well on your way Katelyn, and every client that sits in your chair will walk away feeling like the sun shined a bit on them today.

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