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Katelyn Saueressig | The Breath Of Fresh Air

She/Her | Tier 2 | Libra


Katelyn is one of the graduates of our Phresh Talent program, training primarily under our powerhouses. Coming out of the Paul Mitchell program in Dallas, she knew she wanted to continue her education, and she has made the most of it at Abstra(kt) Studio. She’s an ambitious sponge, taking in and learning everything she possibly can every day. While she loves a great transformation because it allows her to stretch, what she really loves is delivering versatile hair for her clients.


You know coming through our Phresh Talent program gives our stylists the mad skills our clients have come to expect. But what sets her apart is her innate ability to relate to and connect with every person in her chair. How do we know this? Her clients refer their important people (mom’s daughters, sisters) to her and that to her is the highest of praise, because we all know you aren’t going to send your BFF’s hair to just anyone. 


Bright. Talented. Driven. Ambitious. Relatable. Everything you want in a stylist, and we are so happy. 

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