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Katie Tellor | Our Fearless Leader
She/Her | Capricorn

There is one stylist in the north Texas area that has travelled coast to coast—not only to learn from the best but also to become one of the more sought after stylists and educators. Now, she’s launching a salon experience like no other. Meet Katie Tellor: educator, stylist, expert, visionary.



Katie began with a solid foundation of education at the prestigious Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. But when she finished there in 2003, she was just getting started.  Realizing the importance of not only initial training, but continuous ongoing education is one of the things that sets Katie apart. Throughout her career she has invested in the best training experiences across the country. From LA to NYC, she left no stone unturned when it came to fine tuning her skills and blazing a trail in the Dallas market.  Katie was one of the first in the north Texas area to become an expert at hair extensions and balayage color treatments. And, she doesn’t just say she offers these services, she's certified and educates. To see a list of Katie’s certifications and classes see below.



Katie became an educator for numerous different extension brands and is now launching her extension curriculum through Abstrakt Academy. She also taught balayage classes for The Business of Balayage, the leaders in the balayage education market for stylists. You’ll also see Abstra(kt) Academy hosting learning events for area stylists.



When art and beauty collide, you get Abstra(kt) Studio. With the best local stylists and the best local artists coming together in one space, you will have a unique beauty experience that gives the upscale north Dallas market a visual feast. Not only will you come out of Abstra(kt) Studio looking your very best, but you can count on an artistic experience that is unparalleled. Katie’s passion for local artists, dramatic visuals, and sophisticated experiences are showcased in this one of a kind beauty experience.



Educator Experience


Hotheads Extensions ~ Educator

Hairtalk Extensions ~ Weft Expert + Educator ~ Developed their new line of wefts + built their education curriculum

Klix Extensions ~ Educator

Lusciouslox Extensions ~ Educator

The Business of Balayage ~ Balayage Educator

The Business of Extensions (for The Business of Balayage) ~

Director + Educator

American Board of Certified Haircolorists ~ Lead Educator for The Balayage Summit 

Current ~ Eduator and Director of Education for Abstrakt Academy

Current ~ Lead Collaborator For House Of Collaboration




L'Oreal Professionnel Balayage Master

SOHO NYC Institute Classes: Balayage Foundations, Balayage Advanced, Balayage Live, Balayage Corrective, Mastering Balayage

The Business of Balayage

Balayage Essentials, Balayage Advanced, Balayage Master Collaboration, The Business of Education The Business Workshop, Blondes Balayage Babylights and Beyond, Balayage Depth, The Business of Razor Cutting Essentials, The Business of Razor Cutting Advanced


Hotheads, Hairtalk, Cinderella Hair, Klix, Lusciouslox, Platinum Seamless, Hairdreams and Hairdreams Volume+, Hairtalk Ambassador, Kacey Welch Hand-tied Method, Habit Hand-tied Method, 
SKW Hand-tied Method, Covet & Mane The Coveted


Additional Training and Classes 

Curated Cutting with Anh Co Tran, Calligraphy Cut Black Cert., Masters of Balayage 360 Advanced, Balayage Bootcamp with Lisa Hart Walker, 901 Bootcamp, Brazilian Blowout Master, Butterfly Circus


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