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 Natalie Chauffe | The Savvy Stylist

She/Her | Tier 3 | Sagittarius

The artistry is in her blood–she comes from a family of passionate artists–but the savviness is all hers. She’s built her career at Abstra(kt) after graduating from Paul Mitchell the School Dallas. She gets inspiration anywhere she can find it, from magazines and Instagram, to her colleagues and collaborators on photo shoots. She knows that when she’s encountering creativity in the world around her, it sparks the creativity inside her.


The savviness kicks in the moment you sit in her chair. It starts with her listening.  Actually, it starts with her really hearing what you have to say about your hair. While transformations and vivids are music to her ears, she loves the subtlety in your conversations when it sounds like you need a boost, or you have something going on in life that requires you gain a new superpower (like a great update to your hair).  She knows she can take what you want, apply her creativity and give you a little extra. That little extra is her secret formula and it’s what makes her clients feel brand new every time they walk out our door.  You and I know that a stylist that can deliver that every time–and her name is Natalie–will see us again in 6 weeks.


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