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 Natalie Chauffe | The Free Spirit

She/Her | Tier 3 | Sagittarius

Natalie is one of our graduates of the Phresh Talent program, serving as an assistant and training in Abstra(kt) way. This training added to her education at Paul Mitchell School in Dallas, but she’s really just getting started. She’ll be a stylist who is a lifelong learner, continuing to add to her toolkit with every client she meets. 


As Natalie’s career has grown, she’s established herself–delivering the lived-in, sun kissed color our clientele treasures, but also excelling in the area of vivid colors.  No matter whether it’s the day to day looks that make us feel great or the exciting vivids that make us feel like just walked out of a magazine, Natalie can deliver. She loves that she gets to blend her artistic interests with the structure of geometry (she is one of the few that can actually say she uses high school geometry in her day-to-day life!).


Don’t let this easy-going, laid back, free spirit demeanor fool you. Underneath that exterior you will find a driven, focused, over-achieving boundary buster.  And, that’s just how we like them at Abstra(kt).



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