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 Shay Hughes | The Diversity Champion

She/Her | Tier 3 | Virgo

Growing up in Arkansas, Shay was intrigued early on with the transformational power of hair.  Whether it be color or cuts, nothing can change a person’s appearance more than new hair.  


Shay sought out a salon home that met her stringent requirements.  First, a great, diverse clientele (come on, there’s no better client base than Abstra(kt)’s!  Check!  Next, a salon that not just talks about diversity but embraces it and walks the talk. As the first salon in North Texas to be a member of Dresscode Project, Abstra(kt) was a home made for Shay.  Check!   And last, she wanted a salon where she could bring her ability to work with all hair types to life every day.  Check!


Shay has come a long way from coloring her Barbie’s hair with markers–she’s now grounded in the fundamentals of color theory that elude so many stylists. It’s the basic building block for a successful career– and especially one in the North Dallas area where the ladies know the importance of great color!  


We love Shay for everything she brings to our team, and the fact that she is passionate about the same things we are.  Diversity. Excellence. Being authentic. Oh, and she loves music. That isn’t in the job description, but it is a common thread amongst the most successful of Abstra(kt)ors!



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