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Meet the Creative Forces Behind Abstra(kt) Studio

Katie Tellor, Owner

You aren’t originally from Texas. What’s the Texas part of you and the Minnesota part of you that you will bring into Abstra(kt) Studio?

Where I come from, work ethic is a core value. People are hard working and believe that when they put their name on something they better back it up. I’m proud of that belief system. I’m also pretty proud of the fact that my education was begun at the Aveda Institute that was started in Minneapolis by Horst Rechelbecher. As far as the Texas part goes, I think I might have been a Texan in a former life. I love the city and the fact that women here are willing to invest in achieving their best look. It’s a pleasure calling Dallas my home.

Tell me about your relationship with/and what it has been like working with each of the creative team behind Abstra(kt) Studio :

Mikki Mallow, Art Director: I’ve been a friend and client of Mikki’s for 10 years and think she is one of the most talented artists I have seen. So much so, that I have several of her pieces in my home. Because I trust her work ethic and because she is so connected in the Dallas art community, she was the natural choice to be our art director. I’m thrilled to have her as part of our team and am really excited to have her introduce north Texas to some of our best local artists in the DFW area.

Check out Mikki’s website here .

Eric Venegas, Creative Designer: Eric has taste and style that I have not seen elsewhere and I was so excited to have him partner with me on the branding for Abstra(kt) Studio. He created both the logo as well as the signage for the building. Because he is so collaborative, Eric was able to create a clean, contemporary design that puts the “KT” in Abstra(kt) Studio. Plus, he’s so passionate about what he does, he gives about 500% in every project he works on. When I first started down this path, I had several people tell me that there was no one else I should work with and I now know why. If I opened 100 businesses, I’d have him as part of the team on each and every one.

Get a glimpse inside Eric’s creative genius by visiting the Small Hat Studio website.

Jason and Amber Moore, Fusion: I’ve known Jason and Amber after frequenting their former store FUSION Home at the Shops at Legacy. When I built my custom home in 2013 Jason and Amber designed the space. After working with them on such a large scale, I wouldn’t have anyone else tackle this project—one I’ve dreamed about for years! Jason and Amber share my vision for this space –contemporary, clean, urban and just a little edgy. Working with them is so easy with the trust factor we have. Often, they’ll suggest something and I can’t see the vision. When they say “trust us” I know I can. This salon will be a great example of their design expertise, how they partner with their clients, and their ability to deliver.

See the Fusion “WOW” factor here.

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