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How to keep your hair Becky-good while jet-setting

ASK THE ABSTRAKTOR: Hey Abstraktor, how do I keep Becky good hair while jet-setting?

Our Abstraktor Emily Alders has these tips to contemplate, as you get ready to pack your bags for destinations near or far.

Maybe you’ve got holiday travel to the in-laws. Or, you’re being whisked off your feet to Paris for New Years Eve. Like the rest of us, you could possibly just be onto your next business trip. In any of these scenarios, we know you want to look your best. Our hair looks best after a fresh salon blowout, but how do we achieve that same look while traveling? Well never fear, here are a few tips and tricks to put your best hair forward, regardless of your locale!

1. First and foremost, traveling with professional products is a must. We could all travel with an entire suitcase full of hair products but the TSA has something to say about that. Our salon offers great petite products options sure to make even the grumpiest TSA agent give you the nod through the security line.

2. When deciding what products to take, consider the climate of where you are traveling. Is the air more humid or dry? This will determine if your hair needs product for smoothness, frizz, or moisture.

3. Always take a good moisturizer for your locks. Either a in a cream rinse-out formula, or a mist that can be sprayed in dry or damp hair. This will help minimize the moisture depletion that happens when flying, or in the bitter cold air you may be walking into. We recommend Pureology Colour Fanatic spray or Intelligent Nutrients leave-in conditioner.

4. When it comes to a good all-purpose styler for pretty much any hair type, we love Milk by Reverie. The essential oils and Shea butter work together for frizz-free, moisture-rich locks.

5. To maintain second-day hair while jet-setting, a good hairspray and dry shampoo are a must. Intelligent Nutrients offers two petite options: Perfect Hold hairspray and Replenishing hair spray. For the perfect dry shampoo we love BLNDN Keep You. It's lightweight and has the most refreshing scent.

6. Last but not least, prepare for the weather. This time of year there’s a chance of hail, thunderstorms, or blizzards. Be prepared. After you’ve spent time making sure you are looking your best, the last thing you want to do is walk out in the rain, sleet or snow. Bring a mini umbrella or scarf in that suitcase ladies!

Finally, Bon Voyage and Safe Travels, wherever your journey takes you. Stop by and see us when you get back in town!

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