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The Beauty of a Consultation

Consultations serve many purposes. Maybe you are looking for a new stylist, and you want to make sure you really vibe. Or, you are thinking about a radical new look, but need an expert opinion before you take the plunge.

We want to talk about the extension consultation, and break down why this is such an important step in the transformation process. You may be ready and have made the decision, “I want extensions” but there are some not so minor things we need to talk about to get the results you want.

Extensions are an experience COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED (did you catch the all caps?) to you. Here’s why sending me a picture to show what your hair looks like now doesn’t check the box on the consultation process:

1. Color: As the picture here shows, we have lots of choices when we order extensions and even if you are going to do highlights as part of your service, the base color has to be YOUR base color. If we’re off just one level, you’ll walk around with people saying, “look at that gal’s terrible extensions”. Not on my watch.

2. Length: Most don’t want extensions down to their derriere. But the difference between shoulder length and a couple of inches below your shoulder can mean the difference of $xx, easily. Let’s get it right, because going too long and then cutting it all off because what you really wanted was fullness, is just a silly waste of money. Plus, I know you need a new outfit to go with your great new ‘do and that’s money better spent.

3. Budget: Extensions can be an affordable transformation, if done efficiently. And by efficiently we mean maximizing every dollar you are spending. So by consulting with you I can tell you an accurate cost for the look that you are going for. When you love your look and your wallet does too, that means you’ll be back. That’s my goal.

4. Look: Fullness vs. length. You might think you know the answer to this but this is where expertise can really go a long ways. I know what your hair will look like with both outcomes and can help you see it too. This way, there’s no disappointment in the outcome.

5. Application: In addition to all of these options on color, fullness, length and budget, for all of those options you have to add in what application works best for your scenario. Is it a tape? How about a removable hairband? Or do you need something that starts on your crown to address thinning or a short haircut that needs significant extensions. All of these options will be addressed in your consultation. You want a solution that really is the best solution for you.

6. Risk: Mine, not yours. We order each extension experience custom to the client, including length and the number of extensions. If we don’t use them all, we don’t charge you for them. But, I can’t let you leave with half a head of extensions either. So the order has to be precisely you.

There ‘s Face Time and Skype that you would think would make a consultation easy, right? But guess what I can’t do with Skype? Run my fingers through your hair. So, even if you’re my BFF or my Momma, your derriere needs to be in my chair for a little pre-visit if you want to consider extensions. Don’t worry, we’ll make the time work for you, and I’ll give you a nice glass of wine while we chat. There are worse ways to spend a half hour of your time and the payback is a beautiful new look I know you will be thrilled with. Get ready to flip that hair girl, your extensions await.

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