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Welcome to North Dallas!

Most of our team has moved here from somewhere else. And, this is true for our awesome clientele as well. Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With new companies moving their headquarters to the area, we welcome you with open arms. In this blog, we’re going to talk to the ladies, because the dudes don’t usually have angst about finding a new hair stylist when they move.

Girls, we get it. You’ve had an intensely personal relationship with your stylist back home. The thought of finding your new trusted hair partner-in-crime makes you want to cry. So much so, you may be exploring plane tickets to fly back and get your next round of highlights. Not only because you trust them, but because they really KNOW you. In fact, we’ve heard from our clients that it’s easier and less stressful finding a new OB/GYN than it is finding the right stylist. Here are some tips from our team to make your job easier:

Followers, Photography and Social Media: First, use good old google to find out who the “best salons” are in your new area. Then, using your list of top picks go to Yelp, but don’t just look at the Yelp Reviews displayed, look at the ones that are “not recommended”. These can be the most valuable as they are infrequent Yelpers that took the time to review the salon or stylist you are considering. These are big words and they go a long way towards describing the experience you can expect. Finally, start looking at both Facebook and Instagram for both followers and photography. Nothing represents their capabilities better than actual examples of their work.

Websites Speak Volumes: All salon websites have the same features—the products they sell, the vision they have for their salon, usually a brief bio and how to book an appointment (Note: Many salons in the Dallas area, unlike other parts of the country, have you book directly with the stylist themselves). Every salon loves their people and believes they are awesome, otherwise they wouldn’t be working there! When you are considering the various stylists you can choose from, consider what they highlight as their individual strengths. Just as important, consider the caliber of the cast of characters in the salon. This is a tip from our stylist Tammy who says, “The strength of the talent is something people should consider. It’s an indicator of the kind of salon you are considering. From my perspective, I’d feel comfortable with any of my team members taking care of one of my clients. That says a lot about this team!” Finally, think about what you are looking for: Kid-friendly or kid-free (there’s a big difference!)? Upscale, or is that not important to you? A place where you can get both spa services as well as hair services or do you want to do a “best in class” approach for what you need?

Book a Consultation First: These are quick appointments to just assess. Your stylist should ask you LOTS of questions. They should listen intently, and you should feel like they are really hearing what you are saying, what your concerns are and what is important to you as you go for your best look (which may be what you already have!). There’s no pressure to book an appointment for services. The consultation is part of your own due diligence process. Remember the power of Yelp. Be sure to review your experience.

Try a Blowout Appointment: This is a cost-effective way to sit in a chair and watch the salon you are considering in action, without any life-altering color treatments or cuts. What’s the energy and chemistry amongst the team? How did the stylist make you feel? Did you feel good walking out of the appointment? Is this someone you would feel comfortable seeing again, or, did you see someone else in action that strikes your fancy? You shouldn’t feel bad about shopping around and good teammates support each other if you try someone else and more importantly the right salon supports YOU on your journey to beautiful hair. Don’t forget! Yelp about your experience. Your opinion and experience matters to others in the same boat you are in.

Products: Products are important for many and you trust your stylist to guide you. You shouldn’t necessarily make your salon selection decision by the product offering, but do they offer a good variety? Can the stylist talk to you about why one product line might be better for your hair than others? This expertise is important. You don’t want someone just selling to you. You want to make sure the person is making sure you have the right product for you, even if it is something you are already using, that isn’t on their shelves.

Our last bit of advice is this. You’ll spend a lot of time over the course of this relationship together. Make sure you are comfortable with the stylist you select. Not only do you want an expert, you probably want to like them. It’s a little like dating. Just because they are a nice person, doesn’t mean they are the right person for you. So, be choosy. You’re special and any one of us would love to have you in our chairs. As you settle in to your new life in Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney and the surrounding area, stop by and visit us. Oh and, welcome home. We’re glad you are here.

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