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Size Does Matter.

In so many things in life, but especially in dreaming about the kind of salon I wanted to open, size really does matter. Let me explain.

As a stylist in Frisco for almost 15 years, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the chains, I’ve seen the suites, and I’ve seen the large salons. All of them have advantages and disadvantages to them. For the clientele we are serving, here’s what became really important in the visioning stage of Abstra(kt) Studio:

1. Talent: Having the best of the best in north Dallas meant having a limited amount of seats. I wasn’t looking for any stylists willing to sign on, I wanted the ones that I considered the best. And, I got them and I love each and every one. Calling them Abstraktors is one of the greatest moments of my career.

2. Culture: We have a culture of learning, collaboration, service, creativity and celebrating the unique. One of the hardest things we do is defining this culture and ensuring that we live it every day. It’s one of the things I’ve seen larger salons be really challenged with—defining, owning and creating an enduring culture that is meaningful to the people who work there. For us, this culture is something we want our clients to feel when they walk in the door, experience while they are in our chairs and return for time and time again.

3. Celebrating the artist in all of us: You won’t see us mandating that all of our stylists wear black. We love their individuality. We relish in the creativity and passion each of them bring to the table. And, we’ve extended that beyond the people behind the chairs to those that are celebrating their artistry on our walls. No doubt, others will follow and try to replicate this concept, but to them it’s just that—a concept. We believe it in our core.

4. Personal: As in, “personality” and “personalization”. Providing high-end services on a personalized level was critical. And in six months time, we want to know every client personally. Kind of like Norm on the show Cheers, but with a much better hairstyle. Most of us have built our clientele over 10+ years in this market, and they have followed us, because relationships (just like size) really do matter.

5. Energy: Not the frantic kind we’ve all come across. We are out to create an energy based on something that is pretty hard to replicate—chemistry. When talent, ideas and good people not only feed off of each other, but thrive with each other.

You know the old saying, “A house is not a home”? That’s true in so many ways. It’s not about the color of the walls or the furniture inside. It’s about the hearts and minds and belief systems of the people who reside there. While the design of our surroundings (thank you Jason and Amber!) inspires us and provides the perfect backdrop to do great work for our clients, without the passion, artistry, and unique talents of the individuals who work here, we’re just another salon in Frisco.

So, we’re happy and proud to tell you, we’re a small boutique salon with always enough room for you in our chairs. We may be small—on purpose—but we are mighty. And awesome. And, just a little bit ballsy.

Hugs to all of our current and future Abstra(kt) clients. We’re so happy you are along for this wonderful ride with us.

Cheers! Katie

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