Size Does Matter.

In so many things in life, but especially in dreaming about the kind of salon I wanted to open, size really does matter. Let me explain. As a stylist in Frisco for almost 15 years, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the chains, I’ve seen the suites, and I’ve seen the large salons. All of them have advantages and disadvantages to them. For the clientele we are serving, here’s what became really important in the visioning stage of Abstra(kt) Studio: 1. Talent: Having the best of the best in north Dallas meant having a limited amount of seats. I wasn’t looking for any stylists willing to sign on, I wanted the ones that I considered the best. And, I got them and I love each and every one. Calli

Gratitude and Bond. Oscar Bond.

Gratitude and Bond. Oscar Bond. The last few months have been a chaotic, frenzied, unbelievable experience of opening Abstra(kt) Studio. Our doors opened on October 3, and our grand opening party is November 3 (we hope to see you there!). Every once in a while, the universe delivers a moment. Where life comes full-circle. Sunday was that day for me. To set the stage, let me touch on a couple of things: 1. At Abstra(kt) Studio, we have a culture of learning: I’d challenge any salon in north Dallas to match the level of course work our team has done both as attendees and instructors. 2. We believe in bringing good people together, and from that awesome things will happen. 3. A quick overv

Fall Trends

When you grow up in a northern climate, the beginning of fall means cooler temperatures and maybe a bit of color showing up in the trees. Here in the Big D, we’re still sitting in the 90’s looking at our cute sweaters, jackets and boots in our closets. One thing many of us have in common with our neighbors to the north (besides the Pumpkin Spice Lattes) is a desire to change up our look. Maybe let go of those highlights and try out a new hairstyle that will carry us through the drab days of winter. We know, favorite clients, we know. The latest fall magazines have caught your discerning eye, and you’re looking for your next fabulous incarnation. Look no further, we’re here to help. Here a

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