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Creating Something Different

My career started just like everyone else’s.

Complete education

Pound the pavement for a job—100% commissioned stylist

Become a station renter

You might think that it was the last stop where I got the spark to start my salon. In fact, that dream was ignited from my first job. Just like any other profession, I had moments all along the way of, “This is how I would do it if I was in charge.” Years of thinking about doing something different.

Creating Abstra(kt) Studio wasn’t ever about making huge amounts of money. It was about creating something that was different and special for our clients and most important, to the people who work here. We’re still a work in progress with just a few months under our belt, but we’re figuring some things out. Here’s our formula:

Education: We offer in-house training for our entire team for free, and our commissioned team members and assistants receive 50% reimbursement towards the cost of any industry-related class they attend. We also offer voluntary training every Monday for any of our staff.

Pay: For our paid employees, we pay more than the market. Our commissioned folks get 45% of what they bring in in services, which is higher than most salons in town, and is free and clear of traditional “chemical fees” that take a cut off the top.

Free Rent: The rent we charge to our station renters is more than competitive, and each renter receives one week of free rent each year. Just because they are awesome.

Reward: Every stylist receives a commission rate of 10% of products sold, regardless of what that dollar amount is (as compared to most salons who require stylists to hit certain amount of sales per month before receiving commission). Our top sales person each quarter gets one free week of rent, or cash if that person is a commissioned team member. Here’s my bottom line: If you contribute to Abstra(kt) Studio’s bottom line, you will be rewarded, whether you are a renter or a commissioned team member. On top of the automatic free week of rent each year, that’s the potential of 5 weeks free each year. Our yearly top sales person also gets an industry related class paid for (up to a $1000 value).

Support: To support our entire team we pay for a salon assistant for shampoos, blowouts, and light cleaning. No Cinderella’s here though, our assistant is on their way to having a station of their own someday so on that path they get to participate in all of our training experiences.

Career Progression: We offer our team a career path that can begin with an assistant or commissioned role and can transition to station rental when one becomes available. We want each to reach their ultimate success without having to leave our salon to achieve it.

Marketing: We can market our team without a big marketing budget because of our social media presence. We spend hours each week promoting the salon and the amazing work our team does. It’s the best part of my job, and I’ll spend nights and weekends pimping these people out because I’m proud of the amazing artistry they deliver. Then, there’s our beloved Yelp-ers who have given us the 5-star rating we work so hard for. When you attach yourselves to that, that’s better than any advertisement.

Location: Location. Location. In Frisco, TX, we pay top dollar for our prime location. Right in the epicenter of growth (thank you Jerry Jones!), you cannot find a better location: ease of access, right next door to Starwood, with high visibility. New clients are here for those willing to stand out in a competitive market.

Now, let’s be totally transparent. This team would tell you I’ve got high expectations, whether you are commission, an assistant or a renter. It’s not just about showing up. It’s about going above and beyond and contributing to the greater good of the entire team.

We have some bare minimums for our Abstra(kt) team members:

Collaborate: Bouncing ideas and sharing expertise(s) is something we ask for and expect. But honestly, this is easy for our team members. They’re natural collaborators.

Be respectful: Our momma’s raised us right. Be respectful of each other, and the space including cleaning up after yourself and leaving it as you found it.

Learn: Attend at a minimum our on-site education events and push for at least one industry training event each year. In our first four months in business we hosted 6 formal training events in our space, so we’re going to make it easy for you to check this box.

Get in the game: And by that, we mean the social media game. We ask our team to submit 5 client photos each week for social media. We may not use all of them, but with practice comes expertise and proficiency on photo quality, captioning and creating a personal brand. It’s hard to market yourself, but we need everyone in the social media game to be able to market the entire team.

Give a little more: We have physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging jobs. But we ask each team member to give a little extra. Whether that means in creative support, or helping another team member rinse bowls between clients because they are stacked up. That little bit takes us all from good to great every day.

Lead the market: All of these things, especially continuing to learn new skills, combine to one thing. Delivering the absolute best hair in the north Dallas market. Remember that 5-star Yelp review we hold so dear? Each team member has to uphold and protect it like it’s their job, because that next new client expects it. Period. If you work in our four walls, your work represents our brand. We ask that you deliver the best results to both our / your current and new clients. Every time.

In closing, (hats off to you if you have made it this far) we know this isn’t the environment for everyone. But, if you are looking for a place to grow, to be part of something that has momentum, that supports you in building your own brand and having a lucrative career that you are willing to work really hard for, we will meet you halfway.

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