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Why Purchasing Your Favorite Haircare Products Elsewhere Is Really Costing You More Money....

My name is Katie Tellor and I have an addiction... I am addicted to online shopping. I have my entire household set up on Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. I haven’t been to the mall in years (unless I need to return the wrong size jeans I just ordered on because I’ve been eating too many tacos lately). I love and NEED the convenience that home delivery offers. Life is busy. If I can save a trip to the store, you best believe I’m going to take advantage.

While there are some things I do purchase online (auto shipped dog food? Sign me up!), there are some things I won’t. Like my skincare products I purchase from my favorite botox doc and friend, Dr. Riehs. Are they available to purchase online? Yep, I’ve seen them. If I’m the queen of convenience then why don’t I purchase them online, you ask? Because I don’t want to pay more for my botox.

Let me explain. Years ago, small business owners like myself made a significant amount of revenue on, you guessed it, product sales. It was built into these business models (salons, spas, etc) and has always been a necessity to keep our doors open. I own 2 salons and have built my business from the ground up. I have had the same loyal clients for years. Real talk though: With the growing number of clients purchasing their haircare products online or while shopping at big chain retailers, it’s effecting salons… and not in a good way. Because we specifically use some of our profits for things like continuing education, when you purchase outside of the salon it eats away at that profit, and we just can’t have that. As a salon owner, it is important to me to have the most talented and knowledgable stylists under my roof. Providing my team with PAID education is something that I can not sacrifice. So where do we come up with the revenue to support the teams growth so we can provide our discerning clients with the best services possible? By raising our service prices. Now it’s all coming together… When you purchase from vendor “BeautySourceDirect1234”, they are taking the profit that would have otherwise been given to your stylist (who recommended and taught you about how that product works anyway). While you may be super stoked that you saved $2 by purchasing elsewhere, in reality you aren’t saving any money in the long run (and to boot the products are most likely diverted, read more about that here ).

So next time you find a “steal” and want to add your favorite salon product to your online cart, RESIST THE URGE, my friend. Pick it up at your next hair appointment instead. Because the next time you see your hair bestie aka stylist, they just may change your whole world with a new hair technique they learned at a recent class. And just like that, that $2 was totally worth the splurge.

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