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"And the Oscar goes to... the deep side part!"

This year our Hollywood hair heroes went deep and easy. Their looks mirrored something that the everyday woman can achieve in 5 hectic minutes with one hell of a sexy deep side part! Brie Lawson, Kirsten Dunst, and Taraji Henson all nailed it. If you are wondering how you can mimic these locks, we’ve got the 411 broken down for you.

Start by creating a part that sits right above the high point of your eyebrow.

With a 1 ¼” curling iron, section your hair horizontally ear to ear.

Pick up hair in 2-inch sections and wrap hair around the iron; this will create that nice slept in bend.

Follow this through the bottom section then drop the top and continue curling.

Now, for the big finish!

Pull your hair half up, securing the pony in the center back of our head right above your ears.

Very loosely twist the hair allowing your layers to poke out creating a very undone texture.

Wrap the hair around the base of the pony and secure with the hairpins.

Easy, right? You can either leave the bottom half of your hair down to mimic Brie Lawson’s look or pull the bottom section up into a second pony sitting just below the first. Just follow the same steps, only twist this hair the opposite direction for a very natural undone texture. Now, lightly pull a few pieces loose up front around your face and girlfriend you are Oscar-hair-ready!

It wouldn’t be right to let our Best Supporting Look go unnoticed. Ladies, the Oscar goes to….The Crop Cut!

Admit it, we all watched Viola give her speech and thought, “I wish I could rock short hair”. Well girlfriend, you can! These are some of my favorite cuts to do. Crops and Pixies are everywhere this year and could Scarlett look any sexier?!?. Whether you go with a disconnected crop or Michelle’s smooth pixie don’t ever be too afraid to give it a try! Remember, summer is right around the corner and so is your sexy new ‘do [and sexy new you!].

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