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Just Say No To Blorange

We are big Instagrammers and follow all of the great stylists across the country and around the world like it’s our job. Because it is. We have our favorites, and discover amazing artists everyday. We look for emerging trends, inspiration, and frankly fads—like baby bangs in the 90s or our personal fave, the female mullet or, “Fullet”. Why do we spend our free time this way? Because we know you are coming with picture in hand and we are always at the ready.

We love color. We love to deliver bold hues to pastels. But ladies, when you ask for something we know is going to be hair today and gone tomorrow (did you see what we did there with that little funny?), we've got to shoot straight.

Blorange. That orange sherbet (Strawberry blonde x 10) showing up on instagram and facebook pages should really be saved for our cover shot (beautiful artistry done by our own Mikki Mallow). When off just a little, it can turn you into the human version of The Lorax. If you take this bold step, make sure you are putting your tresses in the hands of someone who can really deliver. Besides finding a stylist with the goods, the real challenge is this—there are very few skin tones that can pull it off. We adore Emma Roberts, but she barely carried her blorange look at the Oscars. And, if Chanel Oberlin is challenged, doll, leave it alone.

Baby bangs. Fullet. Blorange. Good stylists don’t let bad hair happen to awesome clients. We’ve got your back, girls. We gotchu.

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