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Fall Trends

When you grow up in a northern climate, the beginning of fall means cooler temperatures and maybe a bit of color showing up in the trees. Here in the Big D, we’re still sitting in the 90’s looking at our cute sweaters, jackets and boots in our closets. One thing many of us have in common with our neighbors to the north (besides the Pumpkin Spice Lattes) is a desire to change up our look. Maybe let go of those highlights and try out a new hairstyle that will carry us through the drab days of winter. We know, favorite clients, we know. The latest fall magazines have caught your discerning eye, and you’re looking for your next fabulous incarnation. Look no further, we’re here to help. Here are some things to noodle over as you switch out of your maxi dresses and flip flops and usher in your cute flannel shirt, that great jacket and your favorite pair of boots, because fall is here!

Bangs and boots. This is our fall motto from our stylist Emily who loves to encourage her clients to change things up when the boots come out for fall. Try adding bangs into your look and tell yourself, “they’ll be grown out by spring”. A little fringe for that fabulous face of yours!

Be Bold! Deep red lips are the RAGE this fall. But don’t even think about going bold with your lip and leave out the hair. Go big or go home is what we say, so let’s get a little crazy. OK, maybe not too crazy but if you’re looking to up your game, come on in. Did you know, there is a member of our team that is an actual makeup artist? Need help knowing just the right shade of red for you, or want a full-on makeup session to send you out on the town or to that big event looking your best? Call us and ask for Trish.


o Long, Sunkissed. We know that those highlights are something our Dallas gals are known for and we love them. But as your fan starts to fade, think warmer colors in that beautiful mane. With balayage we can bring in warm caramels and brilliant reds. Click on our “Book a Stylist” link to get your new fall hair rockin’.

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